Cruise to Ensenada

Last month my boyfriend and I took a mini vacation and decided to go on a 4 day cruise to Ensenada. We went with the Carnival cruise line and let me tell you I️t was soooooooo much fun. I took a lot of pictures, way to many to post of course but memories for me to look at down the line.

Our first day consisted of getting to the ship and checking into our rooms. I was so mesmerized by how big the ship was and how much they had to offer. They had activities all throughout the day and night and they had an endless amount of food that you can eat all hours of the day so of course you know I ate a lot. This picture was taken about an hour or so after we departed from Long Beach. I basically just spent the evening exploring the ship while we waiting to go to dinner. After dinner we participated in karaoke that night in which I brought back nostalgia from my childhood days and sang the one and only “larger than life” from the Backstreet Boys. That song will never get old.

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Our second day we arrived at Catalina Island where the water was so blue and the weather was soooo nice. We rented bikes and road around the island exploring while we waited for our appointment to go parasailing. I was sooooo terrified at first only because I just wasn’t sure what to expect taking off but once I got up in the air my anxiety went away and I enjoyed myself. We were 800 feet up in the air and I️t was so peaceful and nice. So nice that I didn’t want to come down. I probably could’ve stayed up there all day.

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On the third day we arrived to Ensenada. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I know I definitely wasn’t expecting to just be let loose to roam around the city by ourselves. We rented atv’s and drove on the freeway(can you believe it?! Because I can’t. When I say Mexico doesn’t care….they really don’t lol because you wouldn’t be able to do that in California). We drove at least an hour from the ship to go zip lining. We were driving for so long that I thought we got lost. We went from driving through the city to driving through the dessert. We didn’t know where we were going. We were about to turn around when finally we saw the place. Whew!!!

Zip lining was not really what I expected. I thought I️t was supposed to be fun but this place had us basically doing a workout in the hot sun. Climbing across ladders that are hanging off the ground with nothing but rope holding/keeping you from falling. I️t literally felt like I was walking the plank. I thought I was gonna fall. When we did get to zip line i had to admit that part was fun as heck. We had 5 zip lines and had to climb across 5 ladders. I️t was ridiculous lol but a good experience overall. I definitely got a semi bad sun burn on my back(remember to always use sunblock) from being out in the dessert.

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