12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Towards the end of the year around the holidays I find myself never really getting into the Christmas spirit like most people I know. Maybe that’s because I live in California where it doesn’t really get cold anymore or feel like winter(in which I associate cold weather with Christmas) or maybe it’s because I don’t really see a lot of festive décor around my neighborhood anymore. I feel like I always have to go out of my way to see Christmas lights or that most people now a days have gotten a bit lazy as far as decorating in the sense how when I was little and every house on my block was lit up to the max with Christmas décor. Regardless of the reason this year I really wanted to try and get in the Christmas spirit and also try something different with this blog post and so I decided to do a Christmas themed blog post what else screams holiday or Christmas than bright red velvet. I made this two piece pant set and decided to go to downtown riverside which is the only place I know around me that goes all out for Christmas. Ever Year Downtown Riverside goes all out with the Christmas Decorations. The whole place is always lit up with a lot of lights and its just so beautiful at night. They usually have an ice skating rink at during the day/night and all kinds of activities going on. On the day right after Thanksgiving they have an annual lighting ceremony and this year they had a performance by Robin Thicke. This place was the perfect place to take photos because of all the props and how festive the area is. With this look I decided to accessorized it 3 different ways to show that even though this is a themed look you can always wear it as an everyday outfit.

I hope that everyone has an awesome Christmas holiday. Enjoy the photos 🙂

-Elleexiste ❤


White Poncho: Thrifted

Oversized Green Sweater: H&M

Large Wide Belt: Thrifted

White Boots: Forever 21

Black Metal Pointed Boots: Santee Alley

Red Barret: Thrifted

Red Sunnies: Creativenatiive.com

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