12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Towards the end of the year around the holidays I find myself never really getting into the Christmas spirit like most people I know. Maybe that’s because I live in California where it doesn’t really get cold anymore or feel like winter(in which I associate cold weather with Christmas) or maybe it’s because I don’t really see a lot of festive décor around my neighborhood anymore. I feel like I always have to go out of my way to see Christmas lights or that most people now a days have gotten a bit lazy as far as decorating in the sense how when I was little and every house on my block was lit up to the max with Christmas décor. Regardless of the reason this year I really wanted to try and get in the Christmas spirit and also try something different with this blog post and so I decided to do a Christmas themed blog post what else screams holiday or Christmas than bright red velvet. I made this two piece pant set and decided to go to downtown riverside which is the only place I know around me that goes all out for Christmas. Ever Year Downtown Riverside goes all out with the Christmas Decorations. The whole place is always lit up with a lot of lights and its just so beautiful at night. They usually have an ice skating rink at during the day/night and all kinds of activities going on. On the day right after Thanksgiving they have an annual lighting ceremony and this year they had a performance by Robin Thicke. This place was the perfect place to take photos because of all the props and how festive the area is. With this look I decided to accessorized it 3 different ways to show that even though this is a themed look you can always wear it as an everyday outfit.

I hope that everyone has an awesome Christmas holiday. Enjoy the photos 🙂

-Elleexiste ❤


White Poncho: Thrifted

Oversized Green Sweater: H&M

Large Wide Belt: Thrifted

White Boots: Forever 21

Black Metal Pointed Boots: Santee Alley

Red Barret: Thrifted

Red Sunnies: Creativenatiive.com

Beyoncé or Bust


So last weekend I went to my first ever Beyoncé concert. The moment i heard that Beyoncé and Jay-z were going to launch their On The Run 2 Tour I just knew I had to go. I’ve missed the first On The Run tour, the Lemonade Tour and Bey-chella and I have kinda semi regretting not going only because I have heard so many good things about Beyoncé and her amazing performances and i must say she did not disappoint me at all. I was able to get good tickets without spending an arm and leg to get them and I was pretty satisfied with my seats. I was still sitting pretty far up in the stadium but it didn’t matter because they had giant screens that captured every moment of the concert and I was sitting in the middle view of the stage so I was also able to see every angle.


When we first got there there just was a sea of people, which what you would expect for Beyoncé. Walking across that rose bowl field I seriously got some “insecure” vibes in that episode when Issa and her girls went to see Beyoncé at Coachella. I literally felt like I was living that episode in real life after seeing it. I was so excited. Once we were able to get though the line of people checking in their bags and going to the metal dictators we rushed to get through our seats.  We were already running late and didn’t want to miss one bit of the show. As we were walking to our seats we ran into DJ Khalad!! I was able to get a quick video of him which was great.

He then opened the show about 15 mins later and it was great because he brought out so many artist: Nipsey Hustle, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes, OT Genesis, King Combs, and a few other artist that I cannot name.

Finally came the moment I was waiting for. The show open up with the words “this is real life” and a small clip of some of Beyoncé and Jay-z’s life moments. Then Beyoncé and Jay-z came down from an elevator with some organ instrumental playing in the background and then Beyoncé’s vocals opened the show as she started to sing Holy Grail….see below for the 2 min clip opener.

The whole entire show was just so mesmerizing and amazing. I literally couldn’t believe that I’ve waited so long to see Beyoncé in concert.  The production was spectacular and even Bey’s outfits…..OMG!!! So much was happening it’s so hard to even detail everything. I just had to sit back and enjoy the show and try to soak up every moment I could. Even though this concert was Jay-z and Beyoncé show together, all eyes were on her. The show was literally all about her and Jay-z knew it. He just stepped back and let her do her thing. Here’s a small clip of Jay-z performing…not as exciting as Beyoncé haha.

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For this concert I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable and cute so I made this cute and easy T-shirt dress in a golden dusty yellow color. Of course I to wear some shade of yellow because its Beyoncé and its all about Lemonade. I paired it with these white go go boots to add some extra sass.

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Tell me about your Bey concert experience….leave a comment below 🙂

-ElleExiste ❤

Tie Front Details and Stripes

With so many new trending styles out there right now i decided to make my next blog post about the top two trends that I have been seeing everywhere…..TIE FRONT DETAILS AND STRIPES!!!!
Every time i walk into a clothing store I either see a stripe something or a tie front something else. This trend is every where and incorporated in everything even accessories. I think I can say its the hottest new fashion trend out there right now.

The tie front detail,
Depending on the type of item you purchase this detail brings back a real 70s boho vibe for me and i’m loving every bit of it. I’ve seen this detail incorporated in a variety of different ways: ties at the waist, around the neck, on pants/skirt etc….the list can go on. 




I have always had a love for stripes but they have never been very flattering on me mainly because they were always going horizontally across my body( you don’t have to be a fashionista to figure out why that doesn’t work). So now that the new trend of stripes are vertical, I was very excited because now I can finally wear stripes with confidence.



With these two trends in mind I created a tie front cropped jumpsuit in none other than a striped leaf print. Did I also mention how obsessed i am with wide legged jumpsuits or pants? That is all i want to wear now. ***throws away jeans*** I’m 5’7 and i love how wide legged pants/jumpsuits make me look even taller than i actually am. (side note: i used to hate being so tall but over the years I’ve learn ed to love my height and try to extenuated it any way that i can). I found this striped leaf print in downtown LA and I fell in love with it from the moment i saw it. I love how refreshing this print is and how it gives me very “resort” vibes whenever i see it or wear it which is perfect for the 365 days of summer we get in California. 🙂 I can’t wait to incorporate this look into my everyday wear. What are your thoughts on this trend detail? 
IMG_0638 IMG_0639Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

IMG_0641 IMG_0640

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-ElleExiste ❤

Cruise to Ensenada

Last month my boyfriend and I took a mini vacation and decided to go on a 4 day cruise to Ensenada. We went with the Carnival cruise line and let me tell you I️t was soooooooo much fun. I took a lot of pictures, way to many to post of course but memories for me to look at down the line.

Our first day consisted of getting to the ship and checking into our rooms. I was so mesmerized by how big the ship was and how much they had to offer. They had activities all throughout the day and night and they had an endless amount of food that you can eat all hours of the day so of course you know I ate a lot. This picture was taken about an hour or so after we departed from Long Beach. I basically just spent the evening exploring the ship while we waiting to go to dinner. After dinner we participated in karaoke that night in which I brought back nostalgia from my childhood days and sang the one and only “larger than life” from the Backstreet Boys. That song will never get old.

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Our second day we arrived at Catalina Island where the water was so blue and the weather was soooo nice. We rented bikes and road around the island exploring while we waited for our appointment to go parasailing. I was sooooo terrified at first only because I just wasn’t sure what to expect taking off but once I got up in the air my anxiety went away and I enjoyed myself. We were 800 feet up in the air and I️t was so peaceful and nice. So nice that I didn’t want to come down. I probably could’ve stayed up there all day.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset0ED68391-BD75-4EAD-AE81-7D20DA54A2F9

On the third day we arrived to Ensenada. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I know I definitely wasn’t expecting to just be let loose to roam around the city by ourselves. We rented atv’s and drove on the freeway(can you believe it?! Because I can’t. When I say Mexico doesn’t care….they really don’t lol because you wouldn’t be able to do that in California). We drove at least an hour from the ship to go zip lining. We were driving for so long that I thought we got lost. We went from driving through the city to driving through the dessert. We didn’t know where we were going. We were about to turn around when finally we saw the place. Whew!!!

Zip lining was not really what I expected. I thought I️t was supposed to be fun but this place had us basically doing a workout in the hot sun. Climbing across ladders that are hanging off the ground with nothing but rope holding/keeping you from falling. I️t literally felt like I was walking the plank. I thought I was gonna fall. When we did get to zip line i had to admit that part was fun as heck. We had 5 zip lines and had to climb across 5 ladders. I️t was ridiculous lol but a good experience overall. I definitely got a semi bad sun burn on my back(remember to always use sunblock) from being out in the dessert.

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“Pretty In Pink”

I know I haven’t posted a blog post in a while but I’ve been super swamped and tired with work and I realize how hard it is to try and juggle making new pieces and working 40 hrs a week. But I finally have something new to share.

This post was inspired by the one and only solange. She is such an inspiration and such a creative gem that it’s almost unreal. I wanted to create my own version of this pink photo shoot that she did a long long time ago. I just so happened to come across this pink building in the Downtown Los Angeles arts district literally right by my job and I thought it was perfect. I couldn’t believe it.

In the shoot I made this adorable halter top dress in a woven crepe fabric. The back has strap detail along the back and button details down the skirt. This was such a fun shoot to do and I just love this location. This is definitely a spot that I would come back to for more shoots. Hope you enjoyed ❣️


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Haitian Roots

I just love tribal prints. They are always so festive and vibrant and just good to wear anytime of the year. I’ve been seeing African tribal prints everywhere on social media whether in a dashiki or a simple pant suit or dress. This really inspired me to create a ethnic print inspired outfit for my next post. I found this cute striped ethnic print fabric at Michael Levine’s in DTLA and i fell in love. I had a really fun time making this outfit as well as wearing it. I am so in love with this print and it really makes this outfit pop.

I made this 2 piece set which consisted of a crop top with design darts going along the front and paired it with a wide skirt with front pocket panels. This outfit is so easy to wear and totally worth making. I think this might me another favorite piece added to my closet. I love that it’s so versatile; i can wear this together or separately paired with other pieces in my closet.

This look really made me feel alive and gave me a feeling that brought me back to my Haitian roots. in my Haitian heritage we rarely shy away from prints like these. So this definitely will not be my last Haitian inspired look.

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The Perfect Summer Maxi

I’m sure everyone can relate to having a go to maxi dress in their closet when they have nothing to wear. Maxi’s have always been a go to piece for me when its of course hot outside or even if i need something quick to throw on for a day around town.

With summer coming around the corner it was only fitting that this should be my next project. I wanted to make the perfect summer maxi dress that is both cute and stylish yet still comfortable. I can comfortably say that i achieved my goal. 🙂

I made a criss cross halter top maxi dress that has two side slits going down the front and a tie back. I decided to do this dress in a black and white chiffon print fabric that i got at Michael Levines in DTLA. I love prints and I always feel like they always make a simple outfit/look more appealing and lively.

What are your thoughts?


Lets Have a Caftan Party

As my first official blog post to ElleExiste I really wanted to give you a little taste of whats to come.

Who doesn’t love a good caftan dress. I know i do. I love them!!! They are so easy to wear and they always make me feel free. I love the big sleeves and how loosely they fit. Perfect for any body type.

I was really inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers in making this dress. I found this lightweight woven fabric at Joanns perfect for making this easy breezy free flowing dress. Burgundy is my favorite colors so i just naturally went towards it. This dress was so easy to make and It just made me so excited when i finished it. Paired with silver flat shoes giving this look a little pop making this an easy outfit to wear for a day around the city or a night out with some friends.

-Elle Existe

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